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Provision programmable voice and messaging phone numbers in a matter of seconds.

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Voxology’s Phone Numbers enable you to make, receive, and control programmable voice calls as well as send and receive SMS messages. Voxology’s inventory includes local, toll-free, and SMS enabled phone numbers all powered by one of the industry’s largest and most reliable cloud communications platforms.

How It Works

Voxology’s REST API allows you to search our large inventory of available phone numbers and provision them in an instant.

Available Phone Numbers


Voxology maintains a large inventory of available, toll-free and local phone numbers that are both voice and SMS enabled. After a phone number is released, it is adequately aged before it goes back into the mix.

Query Parameters

  • Country
  • Type // Local, Toll-Free
  • Capabilities // Voice, SMS
  • Region // City, State
  • Prefix // Area Code
  • Postal Code // Zip Code
  • Rate Center
  • LATA
  • Vanity // Accepts numbers, letters, and two different kinds of wildcards
Example Request // Available Phone Numbers
curl -X GET \
  ',sms&search_by=prefixes&search_on=949' \
  -H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -H 'X-Api-Key: YOUR_API_KEY'

You can view the details about our Available Phone Number search on our API Reference.

Provision Phone Numbers


Once you find a phone number, or a block of phone numbers that you like, you can provision them for instant use. Once they have been provisioned, they need to be assigned to a Call Flow configuration, which will enable you to control both inbound and outbound calls, as well as send and receive SMS messages.

Custom Data

When you assign a phone number to a Call Flow, you can also include custom_data to help make programmatic decisions on a number by number basis. For example, if you have a number that needs to forward to voicemail or a mobile phone during different times of the day, or include/exclude call recording, you can store that data on the Call Flow configuration. This can be helpful with applications such as Call Tracking.

Example Request // Configure Callflows Callback
    "no": "+17145551212",
    "callback": {
      "method": "GET",
      "url": "https://democalltrackingapplication.json",
      "headers": null,
      "content_type": "application/json"
    "answer_on_ring": 1,
    "last_set_on": "2017-09-20T22:39:25.869Z",
    "custom_data": {
      "openTimeSay": "9:00AM",
      "openTimeMinutes": 0,
      "openTimeHours": 9,
      "closeTimeSay": "5:00PM",
      "closeTimeMinutes": 0,
      "closeTimeHours": 17,
      "forwardingNo": "+9495551212",
      "isRecorded": true,
      "name": "Google Ad"
    "is_template": true,
    "google_analytics": {
      "tracking_id": "UA-00000000-1",
      "source": "CallFlows"

Getting Started

To get started with Voxology’s Phone Numbers, follow the links below:

Programmable Voice


Voxology’s Programmable Voice requires a Voxology phone number. Follow the Getting Started Guide on the Programmable Voice page to get going.

Programmable Voice

Programmable SMS


Voxology’s Programmable SMS requires a Voxology long code (or short code) phone number. Follow the Getting Started Guide on the Programmable SMS page to get going.

Programmable SMS