Why Your Carrier Doesn't Like Microsoft Teams

September 29, 2023 // Product

As a great philosopher once said, it’s all about the Benjamins. And, while Microsoft Teams has exploded in daily active users (280 million as of 2023), and its Phone System service has become an increasingly popular way for the enterprise to unify communications, many traditional telecommunications carriers are passively dissuading their customers from migrating their telecom to Teams.

Which brings us back to the Benjamins.

What you want

You want to deliver the best user and customer experience possible while unifying your communications into one easy-to-use platform and decreasing your reliance on SBCs and PBXs distributed across multiple offices. You are already investing a sizable amount of resources into Teams, and now you want to migrate your telecommunications to Phone System.

The best option for migrating to Phone System is Direct Routing. Industry analysts believe that 90% of large enterprises using Teams are using Direct Routing for their PSTN connectivity.


Direct Routing is 2-3X cheaper than Calling Plan and, depending on the provider you choose, delivers the most features, better reliability, a far more extensive geographic reach, and higher levels of support. With Direct Routing, you can select a tailored solution that will meet your unique business needs.

What your traditional carrier wants

Traditional telecommunications carriers would prefer, strongly, that you do not use Microsoft Teams Phone System because, frankly, they won’t make any additional revenue from it. In fact, they will begin to lose money as you transition to Phone System because Microsoft has many features that compete with the traditional carrier’s UCaaS products – leaving the traditional carriers selling only a commodity.

Teams with Direct Routing gives you access to all the UCaaS features you need. You no longer need to pay for SBC services or require on-premise hardware that leaves you feeling stuck with your carrier. Transitioning to a Microsoft Teams Direct Routing can be an extremely efficient way to unify your communications program and move the majority of your telecommunication needs to the cloud.

What Voxology wants

We want to help you streamline your telecommunications platform by being the modern, multi-functional carrier you need to maximize your investment in Teams.

If you are considering Direct Routing in order to move all or most of your communications to the cloud, we have the features, support, and expertise to help you succeed.

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