What Is A2P 10DLC

June 8, 2021 // Product

A2P 10DLC stands for Application to Person Ten Digit Long Code. This new industry development allows businesses to achieve higher text message (SMS) deliverability rates and throughput using a traditional, US local phone number (long code).

A2P SMS communications were originally limited to 5-6 digit short code numbers, while long code numbers were intended for Person to Person (P2P) communications. However, many businesses found long codes to be more cost-effective and valuable for customer communication, and they sms-enabled their local or toll-free phone numbers. This trend, along with many attempts to conduct mass messaging via long codes, made business-related text messaging susceptible to being blocked or throttled by carriers, thereby resulting in poor deliverability.

The purpose of A2P 10DLC is to allow businesses to use their long codes to send more personalized communications in a safer way by putting in place a registration process and higher standards to protect consumers from spam messages and fraud.

Benefits of A2P 10DLC

  • Higher Throughput // A2P 10DLC designated phone numbers are designed to support higher volume and deliverability than "traditional" long codes.

  • Lower Costs // A2P 10DLC numbers have lower monthly costs than short code numbers. They provide a great alternative for businesses who felt they couldn’t justify the cost of short code numbers in the past. Additionally, businesses will be able to convert their landline numbers to A2P 10DLC, meaning that they can use their existing number rather than paying for an additional number to get these capabilities.

  • Security and Accountability // Because of the registration requirements of A2P 10DLC, there is more transparency and accountability in long code messaging.

  • Personalization // A2P 10DLC offers a higher level of personalization because it feels more like 1-to-1 communication, like the text is coming from a person rather than a bot. Communication channels are more consistent because the same number can be used to send SMS messages, voice calls, and faxes. With greater consistency and a higher level of personalization, companies can provide a better and more seamless customer experience.

  • Higher Open Rates // Companies can now use a local area code for their A2P messaging. A long code number with a local area code feels much more personal than a short code number.

How It Works

Since A2P 10DLC is still a relatively new development, the industry is currently in a transitional period. Ultimately, businesses will need to go through a registration process and get pre-approved before sending A2P text messages from long codes. Non-registered traffic will be subject to an increase in message filtering that could severely impact both deliverability and throughput, however there is no hard deadline currently in place. Most CPaaS and carriers are adopting a phased approach.

A2P 10DLC registration is a two part process:

  1. Brand Registration: the business must identify who they are to the carrier networks.
  2. Campaign Registration: the business must register what type of messages they are sending.

Carriers are still in the process of rolling out A2P 10DLC, but they are all on different timelines. However, because A2P 10DLC is the way of the future for business text communications, we are not recommending any new business-related P2P deployments at this time. For companies looking to begin sending long code SMS messages, we recommend doing so via A2P 10DLC. In fact, we are actively registering brands/campaigns who seek A2P 10DLC approval now.

A2P 10DLC With Voxology

We understand the value that A2P 10DLC can add to business communications, and as the industry continues to finalize guidelines, schedules, and the transition to this new framework, we are excited to be doing our part. We are currently working as an official Campaign Service Provider (CSP) with The Campaign Registry to help clients register their brands and campaigns so they can take advantage of the benefits that A2P 10DLC will bring to communications.

If this is something that your business is interested in getting more information about, we can help. We are happy to guide you through the process and keep you abreast of updates within the industry. If you have any questions, or would like to begin the process of registering your brand and campaign, set up a call today.