What Are The 4 Golden Signals of SRE?

September 6, 2023 // Product

The health of your telecommunications shouldn’t be a black box. Unfortunately, traditional telecom providers often make it difficult to determine where in the system issues are occurring. If only you had a divining rod to wave around…

Voxology takes your telecom experience seriously, which is why we make it a priority to monitor the 4 Golden Signals on each one of our services. The 4 Golden Signals, as defined by Google’s Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team, are Latency, Traffic, Errors and Saturation.

What to know about the 4 Golden Signals

1. Latency is defined as that annoying delay between when a signal is produced at the source, and when it reaches its destination. Not many issues degrade your communication system’s customer experience faster than latency. Here are two examples of latency we monitor:

  • HTTP Callback Response Latency // How long it takes for your application to respond to callback requests from your communications provider.
  • Audio Latency // How long it takes for the call media to reach the other end of the line.

2. Traffic is the amount of data (in the case of telecom, the number of messages or calls) traveling through a specific channel or circuit at a given time. We monitor the following kinds of traffic:

  • HTTP Callbacks Per Second
  • Calls Per Second (CPS)
  • Messages Per Second (MPS)

3. Errors are next. An error occurs when you receive an unexpected response to a request. There are the obvious types of failures, like HTTP 4XX/5XX, and the not-so-obvious, like an HTTP 2XX with the wrong response body. Don’t worry, we monitor for both types of errors and more:

  • SIP Code, 486 Busy
  • SIP Code, 503 Service Unavailable
  • HTTP Code, 429 Too Many Requests

4. Saturation is defined as congestion in the service – or how “full” it is. Many systems are impaired long before they reach 100% utilization, so it’s critical to measure the most constrained resources in the system — be it CPU, network bandwidth, memory utilization, etc. In telecom, saturation causes packet loss, among other things, which can manifest on a phone call as a robot voice or stuttering.

What’s next?

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