Twilio vs. Voxology for SMS

October 5, 2023 // Product

Comparing Programmable Messaging Providers

Identifying the right messaging provider is difficult. On the surface, most messaging providers offer very similar products. You can expect them to have a messaging REST API, instant number provisioning, and a customer portal for administration and monitoring. When comparing Voxology to Twilio, you’ll find the core product offering is remarkably similar.

180+ Countries
Long Code, Short Code & Toll-Free
Messaging APIs
Batch API
High Volume Senders
Additional Channels (Whatsapp, Meta, Google)
Messaging Insights
Transparent 10DLC Integration
Opt Out Blacklist
Automatic 10DLC Keyword Response Support
Message Scheduling
Message Status Webhooks
Advanced Inbound Messaging Handling & Responses
Free Developer Support

So how does a company decide which provider is a better partner for them?

With similar products, it comes down to who can win in the margins. Which provider prioritizes the little things that often add up to the biggest things. Let’s explore some of the key differences between Voxology and Twilio that have allowed us to build lasting partnerships.

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10DLC Management

By now, everyone in the messaging space understands that managing the 10DLC registration process is critical for success. Twilio has taken an opinionated stance on 10DLC, layering registration within their own Trust Hub product. This has frustrated many of Twilio’s customers who are looking to own more of that process. Furthermore, Twilio requires their customers to use them as their Campaign Service Provider, limiting customers’ options and often leaving them feeling stuck.

Voxology’s 10DLC solution was designed for customers looking for more insight and control into 10DLC registration. We welcome and encourage our customers to become their own Campaign Service Provider. Our goal was not to obfuscate 10DLC Registration within Voxology, but to provide complete flexibility and freedom for our customers to manage 10DLC their way, integrating as much or as little of that process into our product as desired.

Auto Responder

In one of the recent updates to 10DLC, all messaging Campaign applications require information on SMS keyword support for opt-in, opt-out, and customer support, when necessary. Each Campaign must provide the keywords supported, such as START, STOP, and HELP, as well as the response returned for each.

Voxology’s auto responder syncs all of the keywords, and their respective responses provided in your 10DLC campaigns, with any number assigned to that Campaign on our platform. Our keyword detection will capture and respond to any supported keyword with the registered responses, ensuring all of your Brands and Campaigns are compliant with 10DLC.

Additionally, with our Advanced Inbound Message Handling, you can set up auto responses to other custom keywords and phrases for more complex, automated message flows.

Twilio only handles responses for the STOP keyword with their own universal response, by default. Additional keywords and responses can be added with their Advanced Opt-Out feature, but they are not synced with your 10DLC campaigns and cannot be configured for more complex message flows.

Batch API

Scaling can be one of the most critical challenges to tackle when providing messaging services. Voxology’s Batch Messaging API allows us to handle some of the burden for you. While Twilio allows for only one message per API request, Voxology supports up to 100 messages in a single request. This significantly reduces the amount of API traffic your network needs to support. Now your developers can spend their time solving unique challenges for your customers instead of figuring out how to scale properly.

Customer Support

Voxology believes in providing holistic support to our customers. We staff a technical customer experience team to offer not only support with our own product, but also industry best practices from real experts in the telecom space.

If you’re tired of being referred to help center articles, would like to get someone on the phone every once in a while, and don’t want to pay the cost of a full-time employee to get the help you need, say no more. At Voxology we pride ourselves on the partnerships we’ve built and creating an environment where our customers feel heard.

As one customer stated:

"This may sound ridiculous, but this is the best call I have ever been on. I don't know how we could go with Twilio, they don't even understand what we are trying to accomplish."

Product Manager, Market Leading Patient Communication Platform

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