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October 26, 2022 // Product

Call Recording gives you the power to easily record any call via Voxology’s Programmable Voice API or on Voxology SIP Trunks. Call Recording provides valuable insight into conversations between agents and customers for quality assurance and training purposes. It also functions as a tool for fact verification and to help with dispute resolution.

How Does Call Recording Work?


Using our Programmable Voice API, call recording can be initiated by default, and then your agents can press a button to start, pause, and resume the recording at any point in the call. This is particularly useful in situations where Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is being passed between callers, such as social security or credit card numbers. The resulting recording will be delivered as a single recording, stitched together without the moments where pause was initiated.


Call Recording is available on both outbound (termination) and inbound (origination) SIP Trunks as an On/Off feature. You can simply log in to the Portal and adjust the Call Recording settings on any trunk, at any time.


For both Programmable Voice and SIP Trunks, you can additionally select which track or tracks to record. This flexibility allows you to record either end of the call so you have the option to record just your agent, or both the agent and customer, depending on the nature of the call and with respect to any local call recording and privacy laws.

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What Are The Benefits of Call Recording?

  • Improved Visibility and Compliance // Help ensure your teams are handling phone calls in accordance with your security and compliance requirements.
  • Enhanced QA and Training // Provide informed feedback and examples to call center agents on how to better handle customer service situations, or fill in knowledge gaps.
  • Better Customer Experience // Increase accountability so your customers will experience more consistent and positive customer service interactions.
  • Call Transcription // Automatically generate transcriptions of each call for real-time or future analysis. Call transcriptions can also assist in training both humans and AI.

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