Screen Pops: Enhance UX and Decrease Frivolous Per-Minute Spend

December 16, 2021 // Product

What if I told you there was a simple way to reduce your costs while increasing both customer AND employee satisfaction? Sounds too good to be true? It’s actually not. Screen Pops automatically bring up a caller’s information on your agent’s screen at the beginning of a call, leading to a more streamlined experience for all parties involved and a decrease in frivolous per-minute spend.

What are Screen Pops?

Screen Pops automatically perform a data dip into your CRM based on the phone number of an incoming call. When an agent answers the call, the caller’s information instantly pops up on screen in front of them.

screen pops diagram

Instead of going through the tedious steps of asking for the person’s name and account number and then placing the caller on hold, your agents can simply greet the customer and confirm their identity, immediately beginning the call with a better user experience and reducing the amount of hold time for other incoming callers waiting in the queue.

Screen Pops are a key feature for CRMs and B2B software companies looking for elegant ways to integrate their customer’s communications with their data.

Gotta Have My (Screen) Pops

Screen Pops have enabled our clients to maximize both UX & CX and greatly increase the effectiveness of each call interaction. Medical, dental, and other service industries use Screen Pops to automatically retrieve pertinent patient data such as upcoming appointments and billing information. They can also be used to passively obtain missing information from the caller — such as a mailing or email address.

Rather than asking, “What are you calling about?” the agent can proactively move the conversation along, reducing both the average call time, as well as the overall average hold time, and greatly increasing customer satisfaction. “I see you have an appointment with Dr. Hibbert tomorrow at 8:45am, does that still work for you?”

By reducing average call times, our customers have also been able to reduce frivolous spend on minutes that were previously used when an agent is querying customer data in their CRM. Thanks to Screen Pops, agents no longer have to perform searches because the information is already there, right when they need it.


Integrating a feature like Screen Pops can cause nightmares for programmers and product managers as it can require changing telecommunications carriers or asking customers to replace their current phone number altogether. The Voxology API can integrate with your existing phone system, saving your team from having to make massive changes. In many cases, the team at Voxology can work with your team to uncover creative ways to add Screen Pops without needing to convince your customers to change carriers or replace their inbound phone numbers.

If you are excited about what Screen Pops can do for your customer experience, but are limited by your current carrier and/or telecom infrastructure setup, give us a call. Voxology enables you to add previously unattainable features in a number of different ways. Our team loves helping customers solve challenging problems.

Additional Benefits of Voxology

Voxology is the telecommunications backbone of industry leaders in a wide range of markets. In addition to providing your developers with an easy-to-use API, we also provide the phone numbers, minutes, and call control functionality you need to modernize and maximize your entire communications infrastructure.

We supply the support, documentation, and getting started guides your team needs to build the features you and your customers are looking for, including:

  • Local Phone Number Coverage // Search and provision phone numbers from our massive inventory of local numbers based on prefix (NPA-NXX), city/region, LATA, Rate Center, or postal code.

  • Toll-Free and Vanity Phone Numbers // Provision dual-homed toll-free numbers that can easily be SMS and MMS enabled. You can even bring your own RespOrg (if you are one, or considering it).

  • Logging // View message and call logs to see when automated interactions took place in the application.

  • Programmable SMS/MMS // Send and receive SMS and MMS on toll-free and local phone numbers via an API.

  • Call Control // Provide seemingly endless optionality on your call flows via the Voice API.

  • Pro Services // As your company grows and your needs change, our team of developers can work hand-in-hand with you to build bespoke services that best fit your unique needs.


The Voxology CPaaS is at the cutting-edge of telecommunications platforms, providing you with the building blocks and tools to deliver the best possible CX and UX. Why waste money on annoying hold time when you can concurrently decrease spend and increase customer satisfaction and data integrity?

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