Release Notes // June 2024

June 27, 2024 // Release Notes

Hi All! We have several new features and enhancements that are now available in our API and Portal.

RELEASE NOTES // June 2024

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing // New Product!

Integration with Microsoft Teams Phone System is now available on Voxology SIP Trunks. Teams Direct Routing is the most cost effective way to utilize Microsoft Teams Phone with companies saving up to 40% on monthly usage spend. Get all of the benefits of using Microsoft Teams Phone with the lower costs and greater customer experience offered by Voxology as your telecom carrier.

Reach out to your Account Manager or our CX team at to get started on Direct Routing today.

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Programmable Messaging // New Features & Enhancements

1. Hosted SMS API // New Method Now Available

Voxology now supports submitting requests to SMS-enable landlines, or Hosted SMS numbers, via the Voxology API. As more companies push to add messaging channels to their customer support and engagement initiatives, Hosted SMS allows them to add these capabilities without disrupting their current telecom infrastructure. By keeping voice calls on their current provider and moving just the messaging capabilities to Voxology, adding messaging channels has never been easier.

Use our new Hosted SMS API methods or work with our CX team to move messaging capabilities over to Voxology today.

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2. SMS Autoresponder // New Feature

To make compliance with messaging regulations simple, we are happy to announce a new SMS Autoresponder that automatically sends SMS responses to certain keywords received by your messaging-enabled phone numbers.

For 10DLC specifically, if you have Opt-In, Opt-Out and Help responses registered to your 10DLC Campaigns, then Voxology will sync the Auto Responder to those responses for all 10DLC registered numbers. Toll-Free numbers and Short Codes will receive generic default responses.

The Auto Responder is an optional feature that can be enabled on a per-number basis using the number’s Callback Configuration.

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3. SMS Keyword Detection // Update

We have updated our SMS keyword detection in Programmable Messaging from a “contains” approach to “exact match”. Customers should make updates to account for natural language opt-outs such as “please stop texting me” since Voxology will no longer capture these.

Keywords Voxology Detects
  • Opt-In Keywords // START, SUBSCRIBE
  • Help Keywords // HELP, INFO

Look for new properties on Inbound Message HTTP Callbacks indicating an SMS keyword was detected.

  • keyword_detected // the keyword detected on the inbound message, from the list above
  • keyword_type // the type of keyword detected, Opt-Out, Opt-In, Help

This feature is inherited by all messaging-enabled numbers.

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4. Messaging Blocklist // Update

The scope of opt-outs has been updated to reflect the new state of SMS with 10DLC campaigns. When an opt-out is detected on a 10DLC number, that person will be blocked from future messaging from all numbers registered to that 10DLC Campaign. Opt-outs to Toll-Free numbers and SMS Short Codes will only be blocked from future messaging from that specific number.

Messages to all numbers on the Messaging Blocklist are failed with a status of opt-out.

5. Custom Headers on Message Status Webhooks // Update

Add custom headers, such as an authorization header, to outbound message status webhooks. Now all callbacks and webhooks in the Voxology API support custom headers allowing customers to secure their applications with all Voxology interactions.

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Phone Numbers // New Features & Enhancements

1. Port-in API // New Method Now Available

Submitting Port-In orders with Voxology is simpler than ever with our new Port-In API. Initiate Port-In orders with an API request. Provide Letters of Authorization, proof of ownership and a list of numbers in a single API request. Stay tuned for future improvements to the Voxology Port-In API to view, edit and check status of outstanding port orders.

Learn more here:

2. Phone Number Capabilities Management // Update

10DLC registration is now required in order to enable messaging capabilities on local numbers. In the API, Phone Numbers that are SMS-capable will have the SMS capability listed as inactive and unmodifiable as long as the number is unregistered. Phone numbers without any messaging capabilities are listed as unavailable.

Adding a 10DLC Brand and Campaign to a local number in this state will automatically enable SMS capabilities.

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