Release Notes // January 2023

January 3, 2023 // Release Notes

Hi All! Several new features and enhancements are now available in our API and Portal.

RELEASE NOTES // January 2023

PROGRAMMABLE VOICE // New Features & Enhancements

1. WEBHOOK Enhancements // Support for a new parameter

A new parameter is now supported within the WEBHOOK Call Flow Action: await_response_hold_audio. It allows you to play hold audio when waiting on a response to a blocking webhook by using a URL to a hosted audio file.

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2. RECORD Enhancements // Support for a new parameter

A new parameter is now supported within the RECORD Call Flow Action: tracks. This feature allows you to choose which leg(s) to record on the call; it accepts caller or transfer, and it defaults to both.

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3. SIP Users // Now available in the API

You can now create, update, and delete SIP Users in the API.

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PROGRAMMABLE MESSAGING // New Features & Enhancements

1. SMS // Auto Response Capability

You can now use Voxology’s Programmable SMS API to set up a customizable and dynamic SMS autoresponder system that allows you to send instant, automated text messages responding to inbound texts containing keywords of your choice.

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PORTAL // New Features & Enhancements

1. SIP Users // Now available for self-service

Voxology’s SIP Users service enables you to create and manage credentials for the purpose of SIP Registration. SIP Users can be used to connect a variety of devices to one another or to the PSTN, including VoIP phones, softphones, SIP-enabled WebRTC clients, or a PBX.

We’ve added 2 new SIP authentication management pages that can be accessed from the new Users panel on the sidebar menu:

  • User Default Settings — This page allows you to set a default SIP authentication domain (the unique namespace that will serve as the default domain for all new SIP users that are created at that level). By default, sub accounts inherit their parent application’s SIP authentication domain, though at the sub account level this page allows you to set a different one.
  • Manage Users — Once you’ve set a default SIP authentication domain, navigate to this page to create, edit, and delete SIP users for that account level.

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2. Call Recording Enhancements // Track Controls

The Portal now supports track control to allow for one- or two-way SIP trunking call recording.

In the Details page of your inbound or outbound SIP trunk, enable call recording by selecting the track or tracks you want to record — far end (caller) and/or near end (API)

The new Manage Recordings page allows you to search for a specific recording by call ID or recording ID, or filter for recordings by date/time, group name, far end number, and type (call or voicemail). Simply click on a result to be taken to the Call Log Details page, where you can listen to, download, and delete the recording.

Access your recordings here:

3. Default Callback Configuration // SIP Interface Domain

You may send calls that originate on a 3rd party provider to be controlled via Voxology’s API using a SIP Interface Domain we provide. When Voxology receives a SIP request at the SIP Interface Domain, it will treat it like a typical inbound call on a Voxology number and send a callback request to your Default Callback Configuration.

The new “SIP Interface” tab in the Default Call Flows API Callback Configuration page allows you to designate the access control list (ACL) to authenticate the incoming requests to your SIP Interface Domain.

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