Release Notes // April 2021

April 29, 2021 // Release Notes

We have made a number of enhancements to the REST API and expanded the functionality available in the Portal. While you may have noticed some of the new features, we wanted to be sure to highlight them in the notes below.

RELEASE NOTES // April 2021

PROGRAMMABLE VOICE // New Features & Enhancements

1. Media Stream // New Service!

Voxology’s Media Stream service enables you to easily stream real-time audio from phone calls to a user-defined WebSocket endpoint. Media Stream is supported on all Programmable Voice and SIP Trunk calls placed or received on Voxology’s platform. In addition to the audio from the call, the WebSocket messages will also include metadata such as phone numbers, call direction, call_id, and any user-defined stream_data.

With the availability of reliable, real-time transcription services (Google Speech-to-Text, Amazon Transcribe, Microsoft Azure), machine learning can be applied through Media Stream to develop communications-related artificial intelligence (AI). Phone communications can now be transcribed and analyzed to help businesses with compliance, understand how to better serve their customers, and create insights into the effectiveness of their communications.

Learn more here

2. TRANSFER Enhancements // Support for more parameters

Additional parameters are now supported within the TRANSFER Call Flow Action: max_call_time and timeout.

Learn more here

3. Call Flow Configurations // New Property - “type”

Each Call Flow Configuration will now include a type to differentiate between them. The options include: default, phone_number (inbound and outbound), and caller_id (outbound only).

Learn more here

PORTAL // New Features & Enhancements

1. New Dashboard // Today’s Summary

The Portal’s new landing page dashboard displays at-a-glance stats & charts about your account’s usage and available funds for the current day.

release notes april 2021 1

Usage stats are broken down by service, covering:

  • Programmable Voice
  • Programmable Messaging
  • SIP Trunking
  • Phone Number Information Lookups

Programmable Voice, Programmable Messaging, and SIP Trunking stats are broken down by direction (outbound & inbound) and include information such as average call duration, answer seizure ratio, call status & detection, and minutes used (as applicable).

The “Available Funds” tile displays the currently available funds on your account, today’s spend amount, and today’s payments (if any).

The dashboard stats cover the current date (starting at midnight Pacific time), and automatically refresh every 20 seconds (or upon page load).

To navigate back to the dashboard at any time, you may click the Voxology “V” icon in the top left corner of the Portal, or select “View Dashboard” from the Account menu.

2. Callback Configurations (Call Flows API) // New callback configuration pages

We’ve added a new Call Flows API section to the Portal’s left-hand menu, which allows you to navigate to two new pages:

  • The Default Call Flows API Callback Configuration page allows you to set and modify a default callback configuration on your application (parent) or sub-account (child).
  • The Manage Call Flows API Callback Configurations page allows you to view and manage all of the callback configurations on your application (parent) or sub-account (child), whether they have been set on a phone number or caller ID.

We also added a "Callback Configuration" tab to both the Inbound Phone Number and Caller ID Detail pages, where you can set a callback on the phone number to override the default call flow configuration on that specific phone number.

release notes april 2021 2

Find the Default Callback Configuration page here and the Manage Callback Configurations page here

3. Fraud Control // Account Settings

We’ve added several new Fraud Control features that allow you to minimize your exposure to potential fraud:

  • Maximum Price Per Minute Limit // You may set an account-level max price per minute limit in the “Fraud Control” tab of your Account Details page. This feature will block all outbound calls over the maximum price per minute you set.
  • Daily Spend Kill Switch // You may set a daily spend kill switch (on all inbound & outbound traffic in your account) in the “Fraud Control” tab of your Account Details page. If this kill switch is triggered, all outbound & inbound calls will be temporarily blocked and all outbound messages will be suspended until you log into the Portal and unblock your account.
  • Country Permissions // This page allows you to add countries to a permissions list, which will enable calls to that list of countries. Conversely, all calls to countries that are NOT on your Country Permissions list will be blocked. You may also add max price per minute limits and daily spend kill switches on a per-country basis. If a country’s daily spend kill switch gets triggered, it will stop all outbound calls in that country until you log into the Portal and unblock the country. (The account-level maximum price per minute limit will override a country-specific price limit in cases where the country limit is higher.)

release notes april 2021 3

release notes april 2021 4

4. Call & Message Logs // New detail pages

We’ve added two new pages that allow you to see more details about calls and messages in your account.

The Call Log Detail page displays any applicable details about the call, including charge info, the call recording, and API callback configuration or SIP info.

release notes april 2021 5

The Message Log Detail page displays any applicable details about the message, including charge info.

To find these new pages, simply click on an individual call in the View Call Logs page or individual message in the View Message Logs page.

5. View Call Logs // Search enhancement

The View Call Logs page now allows you to search for inbound SIP trunking calls using the full SIP address.

Find it here:

6. Download Call Logs // Export status enhancement

The Status field in the Download Call Logs page now indicates the completeness of a log export (by percentage), before being ready to download.

release notes april 2021 6

Find it here:

7. Buy & Manage Inbound Phone Numbers // Advanced search enhancement

The advanced search panel in the Buy Inbound Phone Numbers page and Manage Inbound Phone Numbers page now allows you to query for numbers by both rate center/state & prefix.

Find it here: and

8. Account Details // New account status field

In the Account Details page, we now show the status of your account. The possible statuses are Active, Blocked (which pertains to our new Fraud Control features), and Out Of Funds.

Find it here:


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