Microsoft Teams Voice Calling Options

April 26, 2023 // Product

Bring Your Own Carrier to Microsoft Teams // Voxology

Voxology integrates with Microsoft Teams Phone System and can be used as your carrier to connect calls to the PSTN. There are over 270 million active, monthly Microsoft Teams users, but only around 10% are using the native Teams Calling Plan. If you’re reading this, you’re most likely considering moving your communications program to Teams.

Over the past few years, Teams has transformed into both an internal and external communication solution for organizations of all sizes. IT departments have found great value in solving the SaaS-app quandary through the simplicity of integrating everything under the greater Microsoft umbrella. Additionally, Teams solves many issues related to security and compliance — like when an employee leaves a business and their access to company devices and communications has to be suspended and removed.

While the Teams native “Calling Plan” might be a reasonable option for some companies, the real magic happens when you integrate Teams with Voxology.

So what are the Microsoft Teams Calling Plan alternatives?


There are a number of ways to connect Microsoft Phone System with PSTN connectivity: Calling Plan, Operator Connect, and Direct Routing.

1. Calling Plan // Microsoft as your carrier

This is the solution that turns Microsoft into your carrier. This option includes a handful of drawbacks, such as higher costs, limited flexibility and global coverage, and lower call quality SLA. Additionally, with this option you are “all in” with Microsoft — who may or may not support all the features and functionality you require, limiting your ability to move your communications into the cloud.

2. Direct Routing // BYO Carrier

The major benefit of Direct Routing is that you get to pick your provider. Meaning you can integrate your preferred carrier with Teams and manage Microsoft Phone System through your existing 3rd Party Provider. There are a number of potential benefits, depending on your Direct Routing provider, including:

  • Pricing Flexibility
  • Enhanced SLA
  • Calling Coverage (global coverage and/or specific locations)
  • Flexibility to support on-prem requirements
  • Additional Features (depending on your carrier)
    • Enhanced Call Recording
    • Call Transcription
    • Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
    • Advanced IVR Functionality (Speech Recognition)
    • Call Risk Scoring
    • Fraud Controls

Direct Routing integrated with a provider like Voxology delivers much more flexibility and functionality to orgs who have more complex communication needs.

3. Operator Connect // Select your carrier from a list

Operator Connect allows you to choose from a list of preselected carriers who have integrated with the Team interface. The biggest benefit of Operator Connect is that your phone numbers are managed within the Teams admin portal. Operator Connect is ideal for customers with basic communication needs and can offer lower costs, better global coverage, and a better SLA.

Are you considering migrating your communications program to Microsoft Teams?

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