Enterprise Communications Reimagined // The Flexibility

February 4, 2022 // Product

How non-traditional carriers are changing the communications landscape for the Enterprise.

Communications How You Want It

Traditional telecom carriers aren’t known for being flexible. In fact, you may have found your business needs and requirements taking a back seat to your communications provider’s preferences in order to get their service.

Last time we checked, flexibility doesn’t feel like getting forced into a multi-year contract on a “new product” that doesn’t support your pre-existing telecom stack. New hardware. Scheduling installations across multiple sites. Dealing with delays. You may not even care about most of their new features, and you still aren’t getting what you wanted in the first place. Madness.

At Voxology, we believe that you should get what you really want – what you actually need.

Flexibility is King

There are a number of different ways Enterprise SIP can be delivered, and at Voxology we work with just about everything. Depending on your equipment constraints, policy compliance protocols (like HIPPA or SOC2), and business needs, you may have a strong preference on how you want your SIP. Here are a few examples of preferences (or requirements) your business may have:

  • Over the top (OTT) // SIP delivered via the public internet connection that your business already pays for
  • Private Line // SIP delivered via a direct connection between your site(s) and the Voxology sites
  • VPN // SIP delivered via a virtual private network
  • DNS or IP // SIP delivered via DNS or IP

No matter what service delivery type best fits your company, our highly knowledgeable customer service department ensures that each customer is treated with white glove service.

The Voxology Difference

While reliability and price are important differentiators when choosing a communications provider, don’t forget about flexibility. A traditional carrier might attempt to lock you into a long-term contract and force you into a deployment that best fits their goals.

With Voxology, you have the flexibility you want. No up front commitments or contracts required. Enterprise SIP delivered how you want it.

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