Enterprise Communications Reimagined // The Features

January 27, 2022 // Product

How non-traditional carriers are changing the communications landscape for the Enterprise.

Non-traditional carriers are disrupting enterprise communications. What’s the difference between operating telecom the traditional way versus embracing what is now possible with a CPaaS like Voxology? It’s like driving a Tesla after spending years stuck on a grumpy, old horse.

Instant Provisioning

A pain point telecom customers have dealt with for decades is the amount of time it takes to provision new phone numbers or phone lines. What feels like a simple request to get some help setting up a new location can send you spiraling into customer service hell.

The Voxology Portal eliminates the in-between person, along with the wait. Customers are able to instantly provision new phone numbers, add or remove users on their account, and set up new SIP trunks - all in a few clicks. No joke. It’s as easy as that. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s 2022.

Self Service

Traditional carriers’ “management” portals generally give you access to some reporting, logs, and analytics (albeit hours, days, or even weeks old) but you are rendered helpless if you want to edit, update, or create anything functional.

We give customers the power to do-it-yourself. Our DIY option enables customers to troubleshoot issues, reroute calls, adjust fraud controls, and refresh credentials. Want to add SMS or MMS capabilities to one of your preexisting phone numbers? Great. Just click a button. Or, if you really want, you can call your customer rep at the traditional carrier’s national office and put in a support request. Gitty up!

Real-Time Data

Within the same Portal that customers can update their account, add numbers, and create new phone lines, you can also access real-time communications data. Call logs, call recordings and real-time summarized reports are all available for troubleshooting and problem solving.

voxology portal dashboard

Visualized Summary Data:

To be fair, traditional carriers do offer some summarized data, but typically in the form of a weekly or monthly report. While these could potentially be helpful, if you are attempting to deal with an active issue, this is of no value. With easily accessible, real-time data visualization from the Portal, decisions on how to address potential issues take place within minutes of a problem arising, rather than a day later.

For instance, let’s say you start hearing some complaints from your employees about calls dropping. You could simply log into the Portal and see that your ACD, which is typically six and a half minutes, has dropped to two and a half minutes. Then you can look at the last 5 minutes of call logs, sort by duration and see that you have had no calls longer than 3 minutes. Something is up, and now you have the data to help troubleshoot. Otherwise, you are left to spin up an internal team to attempt to collect the data and create a support ticket with the carrier.

Call Recording, On Demand

Another feature that should be as easy as flipping a switch is Call Recording. Within the Voxology Portal you can begin recording calls on a SIP Trunk whenever you wish. You don’t have to call your telecom engineer to see if they can log into your PBX, or wait until midnight when your call recordings finally make their way into your database where you can analyze. When there is an issue, you can just flip the switch and start listening to call recordings directly from the Portal.


Sick of hearing about all the miraculous wonders of AI, how it can transform your business, but you can’t even figure out how to access your communications data? Voxology’s Portal allows you to stream the audio on your phone calls directly out of your phone lines. Whether your business is dreaming about adding post-call transcription or real-time insights and analytics, getting access to the audio can be an absolute pain (if not an impossibility) with your current stack. Keep your equipment - just swap out your carrier and you are ready to build the future of your business.

The Future is Here, Don’t Get Stuck in the Past

Unlike the past, when provisioning a new phone number, configuring a new SIP trunk, troubleshooting an issue, rerouting traffic, or simply getting access to your data was on the spectrum of ‘impossible’ to ‘this is going to take forever’ – Voxology gives you the tools you need to take control of your communications and leverage them to grow your business.

We believe that you should be able to enhance, update, and troubleshoot your communications at a moment’s notice. It’s not a pipe dream, it’s Voxology.

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