Enterprise Communications Reimagined // The Costs

April 19, 2022 // Product

How non-traditional carriers are changing the communications landscape for the Enterprise.

Usage-based vs Commit

Traditional carriers want to lock you into a multi-year deal, not because it’s better for you, or because it guarantees you great service, but rather because it’s simply better for their bottom line. It’s an old way of thinking, and one that can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars a month extra compared to partnering with a modern carrier like Voxology.

Is it really that simple? Yes, we believe it is.

The Per-Minute Mirage

As we covered in a previous post, rock-bottom per-minute prices that traditional carriers advertise and bait you with may not be all they’re cracked up to be. Your per-minute rate may be low, but that only kicks in once you have spent $20k a month per your multi-year contract. You may only use $13k worth of minutes, so those “low-low” rates don’t mean a thing.

They lure you to their service with the freshwater of low per-minute prices, but once you're looking at your monthly bill, you’ll realize it was all just a mirage.

Your Choice

At Voxology, we default to charging you for what you use. We believe paying for usage, rather than committing to a long-term contract is a far better deal for you, the customer. You can simply sign up on the Portal, and get started with absolutely no commitment.

Because the Voxology process and business model is so simple and common sense, some prospective customers might be concerned – like what’s the catch? There’s no catch. We only use Tier 1 providers and, unlike some traditional carriers, we are able to reroute calls from one provider to another when a major carrier is down in a certain part of the world.

Of course, if you or your procurement team prefers a per seat rate (UCaaS-style) vs. usage-based (CPaaS-style), we can do that as well! Furthermore, if your company requires an SLA, we are happy to provide one for you.

Cost-Effective Doesn’t Mean Cheap

It just means cost-effective. We get it, weeding through the different telecom options that are available to the modern SMB or Enterprise is a daunting task. In very rare cases, the UCaaS or Traditional Carrier model may in fact be the better choice.

But beware, often these models will charge additional fees per SIP Trunk, as well as forcing you to use their telephone systems or other hardware to get up and running. Implementing new phone systems means more time during the installation phase.

At Voxology, the “installation phase” can be as quick and simple as a few clicks inside our easy-to-use customer portal. Don’t get wrapped up in the endless pursuit of low per-minute prices, or strangled by long-term agreements you can’t get out of no matter how bad the service is. This keeps you from innovating and delivering the best experience to your customer.

Our usage-based cost structure is the premiere way to get Tier 1 service and call quality, at a price that will make the CFO happy.


Long-term commitments tie you up and, when you’ve reached your breaking point with the below-average service, you would have to pay such a steep price to break the contract that you’ll end up sticking with it until the contract has run its course. All the while, the service tickets and customer complaints will roll in like a king tide.

Voxology is usage-based at its core, but if you need a per seat license or an SLA, you got it.

Check out our customer portal to learn more about how easy it is to get started.

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