Encrypting Voice Communications With TLS/SRTP

January 19, 2023 // Product

Encrypting voice communications is a critical addition to your security strategy in a post-Covid environment that has seen an exponential increase in cybercrimes and data hacks. The FBI reported a staggering 300% increase in such crimes since Covid-19. Voxology, the carrier for the modern enterprise, offers end-to-end encryption to your voice communications using TLS/SRTP.

What is TLS/SRTP?

TLS/SRTP is the VoIP version of HTTPS for websites. If your carrier doesn’t provide the option of securing your communications to and from their server, you are vulnerable to malicious actors trying to exploit your voice communications. Does your SIP provider offer TLS/SRTP?

How Does TLS/SRTP Work?

Transport Layer Security (TLS)

TLS encrypts the signaling of your phone calls. A certificate must be authenticated via encrypted signaling before access to the media is granted on both ends.

Secure Real-Time Protocol (SRTP)

SRTP extends encryption to the media portion of your phone calls (the audio). Much like adding the “S” (secure) to HTTPS, SRTP adds security to RTP and allows the audio on phone calls to be encrypted between you and your provider’s servers.

Is TLS/SRTP Necessary?

Like other security protocols, TLS/SRTP reduces attack vectors. This encryption exists between the customer’s infrastructure and Voxology, and by reducing potential attacks you can cut down on the amount of costly fraud and data hacks you may currently be vulnerable to.

5 Common Types of VoIP Hacking:

  • Unauthorized Use
  • Toll Fraud
  • Spoofing of Caller ID
  • Eavesdropping
  • Social Engineering

Click here for a quick but helpful breakdown of the common types of VoIP hacking.

To Encrypt or Not to Encrypt

The work from anywhere (WFA) and hybrid work trends, coupled with the proliferation of IoT devices, comes with new security challenges and vulnerabilities.

Are your voice communications encrypted? Many telecommunication carriers don’t offer end-to-end voice encryption, and in an environment of heightened cyber threats against enterprises, the need for secure communications has never been greater.

Are your voice communications encrypted?

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