Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Teams Phone

November 18, 2023 // Product

Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Teams Phone

Ensuring your customers have uninterrupted communication lines to your business no matter the situation is the lifeblood of any successful organization. As CIOs across every industry try to consolidate vendors and decrease costs, the increased reliance on platforms like Microsoft Teams does not change the need to have a robust disaster recovery strategy in place.

While Teams Phone System is a powerful platform worth investing in, and Direct Routing is clearly the best option at this time, many Teams Direct Routing customers are surprised to learn that they do not have disaster recovery automatically built into their Phone System package.

Why choose Direct Routing?

Direct Routing offers a significant cost advantage, being 2-3 times more affordable than Calling Plan. Moreover, depending on your chosen provider, it provides an array of robust features, enhances reliability, extends geographic coverage, and elevates support levels. With Direct Routing, you have the flexibility to customize a solution that precisely aligns with your specific business requirements.

When it comes to Teams Phone System, Direct Routing stands out as the superior choice. In fact, industry experts estimate that a substantial 90% of major enterprises utilizing Teams have adopted Direct Routing as their preferred method for PSTN connectivity. But, what happens when Teams goes down (it happens) and your Direct Routing provider doesn’t have a flexible disaster recovery strategy?

Why Disaster Recovery Matters

Disasters manifest in diverse ways, ranging from natural calamities such as hurricanes and earthquakes to technical disruptions and cyberattacks. Irrespective of the trigger, the consequence remains consistent: downtime. When your communication systems falter, the impact on your business operations can be profound. This is precisely where Voxology's disaster recovery features step in to mitigate these disruptions.

Voxology’s Disaster Recovery Features

  1. Auto-failover // Predetermine where Voxology will reroute calls when your primary site(s) go down.
  2. SIP Forward or PSTN Transfer // When one of your locations goes down, automatically transfer calls to another inbound trunk, i.e. another SIP destination with different instructions, or simply forward your calls to another backup phone number.
  3. DR IVR // Set up a customized IVR to activate during downtime. This includes the ability to play a tailored message, create a virtual voicemail box for customer messages, and even forward specific calls to an alternate route.
  4. Simultaneous Call Limit // In case of a partial outage, cap simultaneous inbound calls, and play a busy signal to all calls over the limit. This allows you to address as many calls as you can, without overloading your impaired infrastructure.

As your Direct Routing provider, our robust, flexible and customizable disaster recovery functionality minimizes your vulnerability to severe telecommunication failures and ensures your business remains operational and minimizes interruptions.

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