Customer Success Story // Omnilert

June 9, 2023 // Success Stories

Omnilert Launches Voice Alerts, Becomes Market Leader In Active Shooter Solutions and Emergency Notifications

Omnilert was the first company to bring mass emergency notifications to the market. Since their launch in 2004, they have evolved to include an Active Shooter Solution that uniquely combines visual gun detection, mass communication capabilities, and automated response.

Following the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre, Omnilert’s customer base grew exponentially both in numbers and customer size. They wanted to add voice alerts and needed a communications provider who could offer them the reliability, burstability and scale to send thousands of concurrent calls at a moment’s notice.

They chose Voxology and have experienced over 15 years of sustained success and partnership ever since.

Read the case study to learn how Omnilert launched and powers their Emergency Voice Notifications with Voxology.

Through working with Voxology, Omnilert was able to:

  • Deliver 20M+ notifications in emergency situations
  • Protect 1400+ companies, including Fortune 500, major financial institutions, universities, and more

Learn how Voxology powers Omnilert

Read The Case Study