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August 23, 2023 // Success Stories

CX Performance Testing Market Leader Migrates To The Cloud and Expands Internationally

A market leader in customer experience (CX) performance testing worked itself into an enviable position. As more and more companies were searching for ways to automate CX to improve their bottom line, this CX performance testing company was positioned perfectly to take advantage of new demand. However, up until that point they had been managing their telecom internally — which proved to be time-consuming and costly.

They knew they needed to migrate to the cloud, however, scalability was a major concern. They needed a communications platform that could handle their unique requirements, including:

  • Reliable international and domestic telecom service, 24/7
  • Advanced call controls and DSPs
  • Burstability up to tens of thousands of continuous channels over a sustained period of time

Why Voxology?

They chose Voxology due to the unique telecom capacity, the extensive functionality of the programmable voice service, and the cost savings Voxology enabled by moving them to the cloud.

Integrating with Voxology meant they could get rid of their analog telecom equipment altogether, eliminating the costs associated with upgrading and maintaining it. This allowed them to repurpose time and resources toward what was really important – improving and evolving their product.

Read the case study to learn more about how Voxology helped this company achieve:
  • 200 sq. ft. of hardware replaced and migrated to the cloud
  • 30k+ stress tests performed regularly on Fortune 1000 companies’ phone systems
  • 4 continents now actively supported as part of their expansion

Learn how Voxology powers CX Performance Testing

Read The Case Study