Cloud Communications for Education

August 16, 2023 // Product

Voxology for Education

The education sector’s need for secure, scalable and programmable cloud communications solutions was never more evident than during the pandemic. What started as a temporary shift to the cloud, proved to be a turning point for many institutions as they were forced to solve their unique communication needs and look for ways to scale and grow at the same time.

That’s exactly what Omnilert, a market leader in emergency notification and active shooter alert solutions for schools, needed when they had the chance to scale. They required a voice provider that could send thousands of concurrent voice calls at a moment’s notice. They chose Voxology because of our reliability, burstability and scalability.

“Omnilert relies on our vendors to share our relentless drive for excellence. So we needed a voice provider to depend on to take emergency notifications as seriously. Voxology has always risen to that challenge and has remained a key partner for 15 years. We appreciate their genuine dedication to our success and their willingness to evolve the API to help us scale and grow.”

Omnilert CTO and Co-founder

SIS Cloud Communications

We have the flexible and programmable communications solutions you need to fit your SIS application’s unique needs.

  • Emergency Voice and Messaging
  • Call Masking and Anonymization for Teachers
  • Screen Pops and Click to Call for Administration
  • Hosted PBX and Speech-enabled Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Enterprise SIP
  • Call Recording and Transcription for Troubleshooting and Compliance
  • Virtual Teaching and Collaboration
  • SIS Auto-logging

Many education-related organizations rely on 3rd party applications like SchoolMessenger to, in essence, act as their telecom provider when it comes to messaging and emergency notifications. With Voxology, rather than pay to outsource this feature, you can seamlessly integrate messaging into your offering to capture that revenue.

When a fast-growing K-12 SIS provider wanted to add emergency notifications to gain a competitive edge, they partnered with Voxology to deliver 200M calls and messages per year and over 1M emergency notifications through voice and SMS to 900+ school districts.

“Although Voxology’s services are a very small component of our product, they generate a lot of revenue.”

Chief Business Development Officer, Market Leading K-12 SIS Provider

Trusted and Secure

Voxology is a SOC 2 compliant, fully redundant, licensed carrier in the US and Canada. Furthermore, we embrace best practices when it comes to data in both storage and transit. You can have confidence in building and deploying critical communications solutions at scale.

Integrations To Fit Within Your Existing Stack

No matter what your existing stack is built on, we have the integrations you need to embrace your existing tech stack. Including:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • IBM
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Voxology API

Want to see how Voxology powers better cloud communications solutions in Education?

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