Call Tracking 101

May 12, 2021 // Product

What is Call Tracking?

Call Tracking enables your business to know exactly where, and from which marketing campaign, your inbound calls originate. Instead of deploying a single phone number to receive all of your public inbound calls, regardless of where the caller found the number or their intent, Call Tracking gives you the option of deploying a unique phone number for each purpose. This allows the inbound calls to be segmented into actionable insights. Furthermore, these phone numbers can be routed directly to the person (or team) that is best suited to receive the inbound call.

Call Tracking is a critical tool in a modern company's marketing and revenue-driving toolbelt, and Voxology provides the building blocks to build the best Call Tracking applications — complete with the phone numbers, data, and voice & messaging API you need to best support your customers.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Call Tracking providers use services like Voxology to enable their customers with a pool of toll-free or local phone numbers. Businesses can then map these numbers to specific marketing campaigns or mediums, like billboard, mailer, online ad, email, and social media, and then route inbound calls to the correct destination. As calls and text messages are received on these numbers, they are logged, attributed, summarized, and visualized for the business to give a complete picture of where their inbound traffic originates. To summarize, Call Tracking providers give businesses valuable insights into what’s working, and can help enhance each and every customer touchpoint along the way.

See our getting started guide on how to build Call Tracking

Benefits of Call Tracking

Call Tracking significantly increases the amount of leads that are correctly attributed to your marketing campaigns, whether online or offline. As a result, your marketing teams gain actionable insight into what marketing channels or campaigns get the most leads, conversions, and best overall deals. Ever been to an all-hands meeting where there’s more questions than answers about where customers or sales are coming from? Call Tracking helps put an end to that confusion.

Call Tracking can also help drive conversion rates. Your potential customers don’t need to get lost in a telephone maze, forced to choose from a seemingly infinite amount of options in an automated, Kafka-esque logic tree. Instead, they end up speaking with the ideal person ready to convert the sale.

In the long run, Call Tracking can help make overall ad spend more efficient by empowering businesses with the intel to know which sales came from exactly what marketing dollar.

Why Build with Voxology?

Market leaders in Call Tracking choose Voxology as their telecommunications backbone. We provide the support, documentation and starter guides to replace your existing telecom infrastructure and build the new features your customers are looking for using the tools below:

  • BYORespOrg: If you are a RespOrg or interested in becoming one, you can provision toll-free phone numbers through Voxology's API and Portal (UI) using your own RespOrg.

  • Vanity Toll-Free Number Search: Search for available vanity toll-free numbers via the API or Portal (UI)

  • Local Phone Number Coverage: Search a massive inventory of local phone numbers based on prefix (NPA-NXX), city/region, LATA, Rate Center, or postal code.

  • Inbound Call Delivery: Deliver inbound calls to your customers based on their preference, SIP or PSTN.

  • Call Recording: Provide optional call recordings based on customer preference.

  • Media Stream: Analyze the audio of phone calls and provide real-time insights to your customers, using your own AI algorithms.

  • SMS/MMS: Enable text messaging on your toll-free and local phone numbers.

  • Call Control: Provide seemingly endless optionality on your customer call flows via the Voice API.

The Voxology CPaaS is the telecom platform you need to build the best Call Tracking application possible - to meet and exceed your customers’ unique needs.

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