Achieving Harmony With Communications

May 9, 2022 // Product

When we think about harmony in a business setting, we might assume it means that two or more people or businesses are perfectly aligned — not only in their goals but in the execution of the complex processes it may take to accomplish those goals.

True harmony happens when people with different sounding voices are able to create a beautiful sound. A baritone and a soprano sound wildly different when singing alone, but when they work together to harmonize, something close to magic happens.

So, what the heck are we talking about here? At Voxology, our goal is harmony. Harmony between our tech and your tech, and our people and your people. When these four things converge, we believe magic happens. To that end, we have developed a set of tools we use to try our best to reach our goal of harmony.

Technology Harmony

We work hard to ensure our technology is in harmony with our customer’s technology. If we roll out an amazing new feature or update and it breaks our customer’s platform, or requires a massive lift to integrate on their end, what good is it?

In order to best serve our customers, we created a set of tools to maintain technological harmony:


Our software, carrier, and infrastructure leaders will review customer’s communications application infrastructure architecture and provide helpful best practices in building, scaling, and controlling costs. Check out our Software Architecture White Paper.


Communications are critical infrastructure to many, if not all, businesses. Having great visibility on the health of your systems is paramount. Our team of experts can also review and help inform your monitoring and alerting strategy. We also provide additional resources to help our customers maintain optimal reliability and service standards.


You don’t have to become a telecom expert to build with our API. Can you imagine anything more mind-numbing? Our team can help write and/or review your call flows to optimize and reduce failures.


Scaling communications is no easy task. Sadly, there’s no quick-fix you can simply copy/paste to ensure your servers can handle massive load at a moment’s notice. Our team can help you both define and administer load tests to ensure that you are ready to scale.

People Harmony

We firmly believe that our customer’s experience with all facets of our company is just as important as how cool and useful our product is. We don’t want to be another faceless SaaS that’s happy to cash your checks but loathes person-to-person contact.

Here are a few of the tools we use to make sure there is harmony between Voxology and our customers:


The technology reviews help our Customer Experience (CX) team craft an internal customer profile, which enables our CX team to understand your application and optimize your customer experience.


We offer extensive, in-depth training to help your Support Team effectively triage, address and/or escalate communications-related support issues.


Relationships are important to us. We take the initiative and facilitate introductions between your team and ours so you can meet the people who will be taking care of you.


The communications landscape is rapidly evolving, and your industry may be as well. Quarterly check-ins help us ensure that we are supporting you in the best possible way. Additionally, it allows us to synchronize product roadmaps.


We are not perfect. And, most likely, we will never be. But our long-term goal, our driving-force, is to put the work in to create harmony with our customers. It may seem aspirational, and, well, it is. Some might call it our North Star, or our Secret Sauce. You can call it whatever you want. We call it Voxology. And achieving harmony between technology and people is the way we’re going to get there.

It’s time to rethink what you expect from your telecom provider.

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