Telephone Cable Stranding Machine | 1922

Optimize Your Communications By Reducing Complexity

The Law of Conservation of Complexity (aka Tesler’s Law) states that “every application has an inherent amount of irreducible complexity. The only question is: who will have to deal with it-- the user, the application developer, or the platform developer.” Because some degree of complexity is unavoidable, the question…

August 4, 2021


Release Notes // July 2021

Speech Recognition and MMS are now available for general use in our API. Not only will you be able to find new, available phone numbers that have the MMS capability, you can also activate MMS on many (if not all) of your preexisting toll-free and local phone numbers. Please let us know if you have any questions. We…

July 14, 2021


SMS Alerts: Automating Modern, Timely Communications

SMS alerts are text messages sent in both urgent and time-sensitive situations. Alerts may be automated and sent in bulk, like during an emergency situation, or sent as individual messages. Automated alerts are a powerful business, logistics, and communication tool that delivers easy business wins while better engaging…

June 30, 2021


What Is Phone Number Information Lookup

A Phone Number Information Lookup API allows you to look up details about a phone number with a simple request. You can specify a phone number and the type of information you are looking for, and the request will return the underlying data virtually instantly. Once a request is made, the information is parsed and…

June 24, 2021


Enhance CX By AI-Enabling Your Contact Center

The way contact centers leverage technology has changed in recent years. Of course, as the tech landscape continues to evolve and advance, companies are always updating their tools to keep up. However, in the past, automation was thought of primarily as a tool to save time and money. Now, the focus has shifted to how…

June 16, 2021


What Is A2P 10DLC

A2P 10DLC stands for Application to Person Ten Digit Long Code. This new industry development allows businesses to achieve higher text message (SMS) deliverability rates and throughput using a traditional, US local phone number (long code). A2P SMS communications were originally limited to 5-6 digit short code numbers…

June 8, 2021


Maximize Revenue With SMS Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminder text messages (SMS) can be sent to customers to remind them of upcoming appointments or events. Mind-blowing, right? It seems so simple, but this small upgrade to the way your business or application handles appointments can make a huge difference in revenue. A medical practice study found that…

June 2, 2021


Call Masking 101

What is Call Masking? Call Masking (aka Call Anonymization) uses proxy phone numbers, provided by a CPaaS like Voxology, to keep caller identity anonymous and prevent fraudulent use of sensitive information. In a world where data security and personal privacy are of utmost importance, Call Masking ensures anonymity and…

May 25, 2021


Call Tracking 101

What is Call Tracking? Call Tracking enables your business to know exactly where, and from which marketing campaign, your inbound calls originate. Instead of deploying a single phone number to receive all of your public inbound calls, regardless of where the caller found the number or their intent, Call Tracking gives…

May 12, 2021


What Is CPaaS

CPaaS stands for Communications Platform as a Service. Similar to other Platforms as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, a CPaaS is cloud-based, however it was specifically designed to support software applications by giving developers the tools to integrate and manage real-time communications…

May 4, 2021