Benefits of 10DLC

February 5, 2024 // Product

How 10DLC Benefits Business

10DLC allows businesses to add SMS (text messaging) to their local phone numbers and take advantage of higher delivery rates and throughput, making 10DLC ideal for many use cases.

In the context of 10DLC, campaign types and use cases are often used synonymously. For a deep dive into campaign types, click here.

How to leverage 10DLC

A principal business benefit of registering numbers and maintaining compliance with 10DLC is to add SMS functionality to a company’s existing phone line.

Rather than dedicating one local number to voice calls and another for SMS, 10DLC gives your customers the ability to engage with your company in a way that best suits them.

For example, a doctor’s office is now able to call, text, send appointment reminders, and update prescription status all from the same trusted, local number.

In addition to delivering a better, more local customer experience, in the above example, this functionality can decrease patient no-shows and increase revenue.

Multiple local numbers, multiple uses, at a cost-effective rate

Another business benefit of 10DLC is the ability for a large enterprise with many locations, such as Starbucks or Target, to send messaging and voice from each location with a unique number, that can also be used as their customer success number — at a cheaper rate.

Short codes often cost upwards of $1000/month, meaning it can be extremely expensive to provision one number (or short code) per site. On the other hand, 10DLC numbers are relatively cheap, and many numbers can be used on a single campaign (use case), meaning it is much easier to deploy many numbers across multiple sites at a cost-effective rate.

Use Voxology to gain the benefits of 10DLC

As an enterprise-ready carrier with extensive features and capabilities for both CPaaS and UCaaS deployments, Voxology is uniquely positioned to help companies leverage 10DLC. Our remarkable customer support, partnership, and rich feature set allow companies to drive better business outcomes.

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